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Regspec Ltd provide a wide range of services to our customers which include:

Periodic Fixed Electrical Inspection Testing & Certification

As required by the ‘Electricity at Work Regulations 1989’, all electrical systems must be maintained to a safe standard. To meet with these requirements, the new 17th Edition of the ‘IET Wiring Regulation’ (BS 7671 (Regulation 135.1)) recommends that every electrical installation is subject to periodic inspection & testing. To satisfy these requirements, Regspec offer you a complete testing & inspection compliance package.  Click onto our ‘Regulation Requirements’ tab for details about the importance of Periodic Fixed Electrical Inspection Testing & Certification.

Portable Appliance Testing

Faulty portable appliances can put people at the greatest risk of receiving an electric shock. Regspec offer a risk free testing & inspection program which will include a full itinerary of all your portable appliances and their locations.

Tracing, Labelling & Scheduling of Electrical Installations

It is a requirement of the ‘IEE Wiring Regulation’ (BS 7671) that all electrical systems have a record of all distribution layouts and full documentation showing where & how circuits are supplied. Regspec offer a full tracing programme to provide you with all the relevant documentation that is required for you to comply.

Emergency Lighting Testing & Certification

Regspec offer a comprehensive test and inspection package that will enable you to comply to the requirements of BS 5266. This package will include certification and a logbook which will detail the types and locations of each emergency light and the results of all duration tests that we carry out.

Electrical Installation Risk Assessments

For larger premises, where a plan for a rolling programme is your requirement, Regspec conduct thorough visual inspections at each and every distribution board within your premises, and provide you with a detailed report, accurately summarising the integrity of the electrical installation. We can then advise and provide you with a rolling programme for Periodic Inspection & Testing that will enable you to comply with the requirements of the ‘Electricity at Work Regulations 1989’.

Thermographic Surveys

Thermal Imaging is a valuable method of conducting unobtrusive /undisruptive monitoring of electrical terminations and the integrity of cables within the system. Loose electrical terminations and underrated cables can generate a great deal of heat or cause arcing. These factors can create expensive future breakdowns & huge safety issues. Regspec’s Thermal Survey programme will greatly reduce these risks.

Phase Loading Analysis

Load analysis has always been an important part of electrical system design. Understanding the transient behaviour of a system as different loads are switched in operation is critical to obtaining. Proper component sizing and verifying overall system functionality.